FINTECH Circle Portfolio

FINTECH Circle Innovate shared corporate innovation models, specific FinTech solutions and strategic collaboration options during a highly effective FINTECH immersion for our top management. We found the focus on cutting edge FinTech innovation very insightful.

Matthias Mueller, Head of Innovation, the SIX Group

We were delighted to work in partnership with FTCI for the BNPP International Hackathon in 2016. This was a complex challenge which drew deeply upon their extensive ecosystem and expertise. The requirement was not only to assess and select multiple entrepreneurs across 2 intricate and multi-faceted customer journeys, but also to ensure a positive experience for our attendees and FinTech participants. The value that FTCI delivered to the whole process, their speed of execution, excellent communication and responsiveness was exemplary. The event was a major success and we look forward to working with FTCI for the long term.

Michael Brooke, Head of Innovation, CIB, BNP Paribas